At this event, the Iranian people and the popular resistance movement will raise their voices to call for regime change in Iran. This message is also widely endorsed by policymakers around the world. Hundreds of dignitaries from across the globe will attend the event. aIt also brings together critics of the totalitarian theocracy, including those whom the regime has brutally suppressed over the past 38 years.

Iranian people who have been executed by the regime during those years, including who were merely affiliated with the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK), which is now the largest constituent group in the NCRI coalition,are represented by the NCRI, Also represented are the people who have fled their homeland, and those who continue to live in Iran under religious dictatorship, yet support the PMOI (MEK) at great risk to themselves.

At this year’s gathering, messages from the network of MEK activists in Iran will be showcased, These people use whatever means possible to advance the cause of regime change, and the pro-democratic 10-point plan of NCRI President Maryam Rajavi.

Additionally, this event gives an opportunity for former political prisoners who have fled the country to tell their stories of the tortures and abuses, and reach an international audience.

The gathering is especially important as new policies are being advanced regarding the danger that Iranian regime poses to global security and the stability of the Middle East.This is an historical moment, when assertive policies regarding the regime in Iran are being reviewed the world over.

“The central message of this year’s grand gathering is that regime change is a real possibility in Iran, and there are many features of the rally itself that highlight that message,” writes Shahin Gobadi, imember of Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the Parliament in exile of the Iranian Resistance. in an article for Al-Arabiya.

Two years after the nuclear agreement, all the expectations for improvement on political and economic have not materialized. The number of protests over economic desperation has increased among the population. Meanwhile, Tehran is experiencing internal feuding. It is also facing an unprecedented international and regional isolation, following the Riyadh summit. This trend of events has made the resistance activists more optimistic.

That regime change is a real possibility in Iran, is the message of this year’s grand gathering, and many features of the rally highlight that message, like its size, as tens of thousands of Iranian expats are expected to travel to Villepinte for the rally, based on numbers from the previous few years. As well, the event will be broadcast around the world, including in Iran, and its resonance is so strong in Iran that even political prisoners are sending out messages of solidarity.

The Iranian people will witness policymakers from the United States, Britain, France, and the Middle East deliver speeches in support of the Iranian Resistance and the cause of regime change by the Iranian people and their organized resistance.

The NCRI has argued that neither appeasement of the regime, nor foreign military intervention, are solutions for Iran’s problems. Their solution is to support the Iranian people and their organized opposition movement to bring about regime change.

Western governments have instead chosen economic relations with the regime, while attempting to sideline the Resistance, but that era hopefully has come to an end.

Recognizing the Resistance movement is a viable option for the US and other western powers, who can now achieve change and stand with the Iranian people as they stand for liberty.