A video clip has recently been obtained from inside the country by the Iranian Resistance, which shows the scene from which missiles against Camp Liberty were launched on June 15. The video was taped by the Iraqi police after the missile attack, and has been handed to the regime’s terrorist Qods Force and its embassy in Baghdad by the Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office. The images and dialogues contained in the video reveal new details about the criminal attack, which led to the killing of two and wounding of over 70 residents:

1. The launch site is in a building, the construction of which is still incomplete, in the Sharteh Khameseh district located southeast of Liberty near Adib al-Jamili Mosque. Subsequent reports show that the terrorist Qods Force purchased the land from its Iraqi affiliates and started constructing the building precisely for the purpose of an attack.

2. Five missile launchers have been mounted on the scene of the attack, each of which contains two rows of 10 missiles. This means that each round can fire up to 20 missiles.

3. The rounds are identical and have been built in an industrial facility in accordance with identical and professional standards.

4. The firing angle has been set at 27 to 30 degrees. The firing range and angle reveal that the Qods Force used enhanced 107mm missiles.

5. The launching pads have been individually secured firmly on the ground using concrete to ensure stability. The launchers have been installed and stabilized using strengthened screws and bolts. The launching pads and launchers are disjointed, rendering them easier to transport.

6. The launching pads have been installed in one row with precision and in distances of approximately one meter from each other. The construction of the building reveals a careful and thorough design.

7. Since the launching pads have been fixed to the ground, the firing angle cannot be modified. This clearly shows that the design process took a considerable amount of time and precise calculations were carried out beforehand.

8. The impact left behind the launching pads show that all the five launchers were used. There are some indications in the video that there were 10 missiles fired from each round, for a total of 50 missiles fired.

9. The walls of the incompletely constructed building have anti-PMOI graffiti on them, such as “Death to the PMOI; Hail to Zahra,” and “Mojahedin, get out, get out.”

10. The Qods Force agents had no worries or urgency to leave the scene. Having firing the missiles, they had sufficient amount of time to take with them all their necessities, including electrical cables, firing boxes, and other requirements. They even had the opportunity to destroy some portions of the walls of the building.

This video clearly illustrates that this criminal operation could not have been possible without the full cooperation and coordination of the Iraqi government and its security forces. The attack was carried out by Asaeb al-Haq and under the supervision of Haj Ahmad, one of the deputies of the Qods Force Commander, Qassem Soleimani. A group of individuals from Asaeb al-Haq was stationed in Tehran sometime ago to be briefed about the operation and obtain the necessary training. Although Asaeb al-Haq forces are trusted by the Qods Force, due to the sensitivity of operations against Liberty, information about the attack was kept secret from a majority of the group’s members.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

June 25, 2013