Iranian Resistance calls on the US and UN to end the medical siege of Liberty and to remove Iraqi murderers from the camp

Critically-ill Camp Liberty residents have been prevented from going to hospital for the sixth consecutive day. This is part of the intensification of repressive measures against Liberty residents ordered by Nouri al-Maliki following the massacre and kidnapping that took place in Ashraf on September 1.

The prevention of the transfer of is being overseen by Major Ahmad Khudhair, a criminal affiliated with the Ashraf suppression committee in the Iraqi prime ministry. While all the arrangements for doctors’ appointments and the transfer patients to hospitals are made by the camp’s clinic, Khudhair blocks ambulances carrying Liberty patients from leaving the camp.

A few weeks before the massacre at Ashraf, Khudhair, and Haydar Azab who participated in previous massacres in Ashraf, went to Ashraf from Liberty to prepare the ground for the September 1 atrocity, before returning to Liberty to intensify pressure on the residents.

The inhumane medical siege has taken on new dimensions in recent days. In the past 5 years, 15 residents of Ashraf and Liberty have died due to lack of medical treatment. Since the beginning of 2009, and the transfer of Ashraf protection to the Iraqi government, the Ashraf suppression committee in the Iraqi prime ministry has systematically sabotaged the residents’ access to medical services and deliberately caused delays in treating patients.

By emphasizing that the systematic denial of access to medical services is an obvious example of a crime against humanity, the Iranian Resistance warns against the consequences of this medical siege and the presence of criminals such as Ahmad Khudhair in Liberty, which is preparing the ground for another massacre, and calls on the UN and the US government to act immediately to end this inhumane siege and presence of these criminals in Liberty.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

October 26, 2013