Deputies also endorsed calls for the removal of the regime’s Revolutionary Guards in addition to other mercenaries from countries in the area, Syria and Iraq particularly. The statement cautioned the Iranian government’s interference in Syria has escalated to an “unprecedented level” and it is massacring Syrians without interruption. As well, the Iranian government has given great assistance to and prepared the ground for the ascendancy of ISIS.

The declaration also urged the US, the EU and various world leaders to assist in supporting Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan for a future Iran which seeks to be secular republic with democratic elections, the outlawing of all discrimination, broad spectrum gender equality, elimination of the death penalty, and harmonious and peaceful coexistence with other countries in the area and internationally. 

The statement made public earlier this month includes among the 319 signatories 11 deputy ministers, five committee chairmen, 19 committee vice-chairs, members of the Parliament’s steering committee, and a number of former ministers. 

Italian parliamentary support comes prior to the major “Free Iran” gathering in Paris on July 9. Expected to attend are various government representatives from around the world, human rights and women’s activists, Islamic religious leaders from various countries and European and American representatives.