The President of the Iranian opposition, Maryam Rajavi, has once again called for Iran’s State Security Force to be proscribed as a terrorist entity and blacklisted by the international community following the horrific murder of a young man, Mehrdad Sepehri, in Mashhad last week.

Rajavi as the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) explained that this “cruel murder”, where the State Security Force agents publically used stun guns and pepper spray to torture and kill the young man, understandably angered the Iranian people.

“This has been the daily treatment of Iranian citizens and young people in our country by agents of the [Revolutionary Guards] IRGC, Bassij, State Security Force and Intelligence Ministry in the past 40 years, only some examples of which are being revealed and published,” Rajavi said.

She advised that the regime’s horrific actions show that the mullahs are only able to maintain their shaky grasp on power through a steady system of repression, torture, and execution, all across the country.

“These crimes are regularly repeated in our occupied homeland. Enough is enough. The people of Iran and youths should no longer tolerate this situation,” Rajavi added.

“The international community must condemn the torture and murder of the defenseless young man, Mehrdad Sepehri. The repressive State Security Force must be proscribed and blacklisted as a terrorist entity. It is absolutely disgraceful for contemporary humanity to do business with and appease such a regime in violation of all human rights and democratic principles,” she continued.

The October 25 statement came two weeks after Maryam Rajavi made a speech to the European Parliament to urge foreign governments to support the Iranian people in their fight for a free Iran, saying that dozens of political prisoners are on death row in Iran, while many more are under torture.

NCRI Condemns Tehran’s Terrorism, Calling EU to Act

“This regime is facing the anger and discontent of the vast majority of the Iranian people. In addition to thousands of large and small protests, five major uprisings have erupted in Iran since January 2018… The Resistance Units and courageous youth, through their activities, have had a great impact on shattering the atmosphere of fear and terror. They are paving the way for further protests and uprisings,” she said.

Rajavi continued with the comments that what the mullahs do is surprising to some, but not to those who understand the dynamics of the regime, who understand that there is no moderation that will happen from within.

“It got to a point where three years after the nuclear deal and lifting of the sanctions, a so-called diplomat of the regime carried a bomb with him in Europe. Then, he personally handed it over to his agents to blow up the annual gathering of the Iranian Resistance in Paris,” the NCRI president-elect declared.

Rajavi said that along with the diplomat, President Hassan Rouhani, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif should also be found guilty because they planned it under the assumption that they would face no consequences.

“I urge the Parliament of Europe to urge the Council of Ministers to adopt binding legislation, to expel the Iranian regime’s agents from the European soil, shut down the regime’s embassies in all EU member states, and designate the IRGC and its proxies in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and other countries as terrorist groups,” Rajavi concluded.