On April 14, the regime began to attack impoverished people in Falak-e-din, Khorramabad, and Maryam Rajavi called on the courageous people in the surrounding areas to rush to the defense of the abused. 

The poor people there, who had lost their homes in the floods of 2019 and received no help to rebuild or temporary shelter from the regime, built themselves makeshift homes to protect themselves over the winter using the little resources they had. 

The regime’s repressive forces, including Special Units and the paramilitary Bassij, turned up with anti-riot trucks and water-canons to destroy these makeshift homes, saying that they were built without the necessary permits. But considering the regime’s record of inaction, these permits wouldn’t have been issued anyway.  

When people tried to stop their homes from being destroyed, the regime attacked them violently. 

Maryam Rajavi said: “The destruction of the home of the deprived people in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis is another sign of the cruelty of the criminal mullahs, who only think about preserving their theocracy. This regime, instead of providing for the livelihoods of the impoverished and quarantining them, is waging a campaign against them, and destroying their homes that have been built with basic equipment and much hardship.” 

While on April 12, Maryam Rajavi urged friends and relatives of prisoners to continue their campaign for the unconditional release of prisoners during this crisis after the regime instructed prison authorities to take harsher measures against protesting prisoners, who fear that if left inside they will become another victim of the coronavirus. 

She said: “The regime must release them all, and that is the only way to save them from Coronavirus infection.” 

Maryam Rajavi also urged the international community to send a fact-finding commission to Iran’s prisons to investigate the situation there, with particular attention to those who are missing, injured, or ill. 

On April 7, after the regime blocked an emergency motion to put the country on lockdown for a month to slow the spread of the coronavirus crisis, Maryam Rajavi issued another statement, saying that this was a “crime against humanity” that would “take a countless number of lives”. 

She said: “[This] is yet another indication of collaboration among [Supreme Leader Ali] Khamenei, [President Hassan] Rouhani, and other officials in the criminal decision to send people back to work, which is, in reality, a death trap.” 

Maryam Rajavi highlighted that the overwhelming majority of regime experts said that the Coronavirus had not yet been contained and is spreading, which is still the case today. 

She said: “The return to business as usual mode, therefore, will take a countless number of lives.” 


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