Following INTV’s 25th Telethon, an Iranian opposition satellite TV network, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), Maryam Rajavi has sent a message to supporters.

The telethon ran from January 8-12 with Iranians from around the world, many of whom are from inside Iran, participating, donating, and expressing their support for the Iranian Resistance’s cause of freedom.

“Congratulations and compliments on the shining galaxy of solidarity, spearheaded by people inside Iran, in Shiraz, Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Oroumieh, Behbahan, Qom, Qahdrijan, Rasht and Karaj, and sustained by the long columns of activists across the world,” Maryam Rajavi began her address, adding, “Together, they formed an arrow released from the bow of Iran’s legendary hero, Arash, tearing through the darkness and gloom of the mullahs’ coronavirus, and cultivating light and brightness everywhere.”

Praising the participants and supporters of the telethon, Maryam Rajavi later went on to express that the “compassion, heartfelt emotions, resolve and perseverance” of participants showed how dedicated people were to the cause of freedom, even beyond the amount of money raised, especially during a pandemic and its economic crisis. She said this “epitomized [the] sincerity, fraternity, love and the fiery tenacity of a united and determined people” to bring freedom to Iran.

“We bear the responsibility to bring freedom; all that is left for us to do is to muster the strength and resolve to do so. You will undoubtedly triumph. The blind-hearted cannot see that today a whole nation has risen up to struggle and fight for freedom,” said Maryam Rajavi.

As her address drew to a close, Maryam Rajavi encouraged the younger generation of Iranians to step up and join their elders to fight for a free Iran and continue to fight for future generations.

“Let me address the young and progressive generation of Iranians. The torch of freedom has been passed on to successive generations through centuries, overcoming difficulties and all the associated ebbs and flows in the course of the long struggle filled with suffering against the Shah and the mullahs,” the NCRI President-elect said.

“That torch of freedom has now been passed onto you. That is a great honor, which must be materialized in its ultimate destination through the struggle waged by you, the Resistance units, and the rebellious youth in the context of the Army of Freedom,” she added.

Maryam Rajavi then told them that freedom was something that the youth of today must pass down to future generations, so they must support the uprisings with “fervor, enthusiasm and a revolutionary spirit” because the “impoverished and suppressed” country is looking to them for a way out of the many crises, including poverty, sickness, air pollution, and a lack of safe drinking water.

Maryam Rajavi told the younger generation to, “be certain that when you rise up one column after another, you will be able to bring down the evil rulers of our time and you will write the bright chapter of Iran’s future”.