Maryam Rajavi is a devout Muslim woman who is the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and so a leading figure in the Iranian Resistance. She has a ten-point plan for a free and democratic Iran which includes a secular government, the abolition of capital punishment and the end to nuclear weapons testing.

Maryam Rajavi 

Maryam Rajavi rejects the discrimination of women and believes that gender equality is essential to progress in a modern society which is why she champions the equal participation of women in leadership in the government and private sector.

Her commitment to a change in the misogynous regime is what led Maryam Rajavi to appoint women of the resistance movement to crucial positions with major responsibilities. Not only has Maryam Rajavi been able to appoint talented and intelligent women to positions of power but she’s inspired a generation of young women who needn’t have the options limited because of their gender.

This just and equal movement proves that anyone can exercise their talents and abilities once they have been given an equal right to education and participation.

For more than thirty years, Maryam Rajavi has led the opposition to the tyrannical regime, preferring a tolerant interpretation of Islam which unifies, rather than divides, the middle east. She calls for democratic nations to come together to fight the threat of terrorism which stems from the mullah’s regime, as the threat is not only to the middle east but the world as a whole.

In a piece written for Iran Focus, Elaheh Azimfar, the NCRI’s representative for international organizations said: “Maryam Rajavi is recognized for her strength, resolve, and leadership qualities. Maryam Rajavi is admired for her tireless leadership and struggle against the ruthless mullahs of Iran. Maryam Rajavi has demonstrated amazing strength in the face of numerous difficulties facing her movement.”

Azimfar continues: “Maryam Rajavi’s motto is we can and we must. Maryam Rajavi believes that by being realistic, devoting enough energy and time to any task, human beings can decide their own fate and break through any impasse. That is how Maryam Rajavi has succeeded in leading her movement through a tortuous path over the years, towards imminent victory.”

Iranians know the Maryam Rajavi and the Iranian Resistance forces are the keys to regime change which will ensure human rights and a democratic, more peaceful Iran.

The Free Iran rally will take place this Saturday, June 9, in Le Bourget, Paris.