The regime has taken several actions against the Iranian Resistance in recent days. This included the mass arrest and torture of young activists and their families, as well as sending mercenaries to Albania, where thousands of Iranian Resistance activists live in Ashraf 3, claiming that the activists’ families were upset at not being able to see their relatives during the coronavirus pandemic when international travel is still restricted.

Of course, Maryam Rajavi said that the reality is that “popular uprisings and resistance cannot be denied”, which makes the idea that these are the last days of the mullahs’ regime seem truer by the day.

She explained that the comments by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on May 22 and May 17 show that the regime is, and always has been, terrified of the Iranian Resistance.

For context, Khamenei admitted that the regime has been unable to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to prolong its existence and, while urging his loyalist of militiamen to attack the Iranian Resistance, called for young Hezbollahi government that would be unerringly loyal to the regime. He said that any form of retreat from the regime’s status quo would be too costly for the regime, citing the Shah’s downfall in 1979.

He admitted that young people overwhelmingly supported the Iranian Resistance and urged the regime’s forces to do whatever they could to encourage young people to abandon the Iranian Resistance and support the regime instead, warning them to be careful over protests that could be seen as being anti-regime. To be clear, all protests in Iran are anti-regime and there is no way that any Iranian Resistance supporters would support the regime.

Maryam Rajavi said: “What the regime’s tyrant [Khamenei] has said represents a political watershed moment. Initially, he wanted to exploit the situation arising from the coronavirus spread as a means of averting the regime’s overthrow. Now, he has exposed the discord and divisions at the helm of the regime and is urging the young generation not to support the [Iranian Resistance].”

Following the November 2019 uprising, Khamenei said that protests were of greater importance regarding security because of the presence of the Iranian Resistance. He then made up some rambling nonsense about the protests being planned by the Iranian Resistance and an unnamed American official in “small but sinister, and truly evil, European country” – a likely reference to Ashraf 3 in Albania – months in advance. This lie was even more bizarre because the hike in gas prices that triggered the protests only happened the day before the protests.

Maryam Rajavi was very clear that the regime, with its lies and mismanagement, would not be in power much longer.

In our next piece, we will speak about the $30 billion from the Iranian people’s wealth that the regime has spent propping up the dictator of Syria.


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