In our previous piece, we discussed Maryam Rajavi’s keynote address and some of the distinguished women who spoke alongside her. Here we will continue our look at the other women who spoke at the MEK conference.

Dr Somaya Al Jowder, Former Bahraini MP, told the women of the MEK that everything she learnt about being patient, giving to others, and personal sacrifice, she learnt from the MEK movement. She noted that the men in the MEK don’t clamour to be first because they know that everyone needs to work together to achieve the goal of a free Iran.

Al Jowder said: “I learned from you that endurance is the answer to everything, and how we can add to our belief and our faith… Iran’s uprising and rebuilding of Iran will be done by you, the [MEK] women. I’m sure that next year, all of us will be celebrating democracy in Iran.”

Then, Iranian human rights activist Flore Ram, spoke about the suppression of women and girls under the Regime, comparing the mullahs to ISIS.

She said: “When I was young, I couldn’t leave my country without the permission of my husband. If a father died, the mother didn’t have the right to raise the children. When the mullahs came to our country, they ruled like ISIS. They imprisoned and raped women. There was nothing for the people of Iran.”

Ram then expressed her belief that the Iranian Resistance and the MEK women would change that; highlighting both the good the MEK has done so far and all they have left to do.

She said: “Mrs Rajavi has been digging this cancerous tumour out of Iran. Her 10-point plan for a future Free Iran will ensure 100 per cent equality between men and women. I’m very proud of you. I wish everyone could get to know you as we know you. This is the reality.”

Concetta Giallombardo, President of the Association of Female Jurists from Italy, spoke about how gender equality is something that we must all struggle for and credited the MEK with changing the mindset of the relationship between men and women, into something about “knowledge and understanding”.

She said: “I would like to congratulate you for your mindset and how you view the relationship between men and women. I hope that under your viewpoint, we will see a new society.”

Of course, this new society and free Iran that all the speakers have mentioned will only come about once the MEK have defeated the Iranian Regime; once the people, backed by the MEK, have risen up to overthrow the mullahs. This can only happen if the rest of the world ends its policy of appeasement towards the Regime and recognises the MEK as the official representative of the Iranian people.