With the escalation of a crisis at the head of Iran’s government and biting economic sanctions, state media and government officials are increasingly paying attention to the People Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). It is as if each time they look up, they see their longtime opposition in every domestic and international challenge.

The state-run daily Mostaghel, which considers itself aligned to the reformist faction, wrote an article titled “Blind Dogmatism” on February 23:

“Elections that now have a lot of evokes. Of course, not only of the type of healthy and inclusive advertising, but in many cases of destruction, or maybe saying that, it is like digging your own grave in the subject of the election. As if they do not see that the enemy in the most subtle form is designing many kinds of conspiracies against the system in this gap.”

A US House resolution that shook everyone

This daily tried to draw attention to the main contradiction of the Iranian government, pointing to the sensitivity of the upcoming election. It wrote:

“They do not see that, on the same days when [UN nuclear chief Rafael] Grossi travels to Tehran, they shout slogans to dismiss the inspectors, the most serious enemy of the system, the MEK, overseas recorded a bipartisan resolution, signed by 113 members of the new US House of Representative. They are strategically exploiting it against the integrity of the system.

“Have these radical read the substance of the US congressional resolution that shook everyone? A resolution that supported the supported the ominous strategy of the MEK to overthrow [the regime] and has described the steps of the MEK are taking to hit the Islamic Republic’s system as ‘principled’ and ‘helpful.’”

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Support for the ten-point plan of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi

Mostaghel daily, attacked the rival faction, which should not miss this exceptional opportunity to overcome sanctions, and reminded that the resolution in support of the MEK in the US Congress will burn this opportunity.

The daily also pointed to the fact that the H.Res.118 also supports the 10-point plan of Iranian opposition leader Mrs. Maryam Rajavi:

“Such a resolution does not only burn the political, strategic and economic opportunities of the integrity of the system, rather it will hit us more with a terrible avalanche in the future, falling down from the hillsides of the developments against the system.”

“This congregation does not understand that with this resolution, the new Congress of the United States, which began its work less than a month ago, supports the 10-point plan for the post-so-called overthrow of the system. It even burns the maneuvering fields of the so-called “monarchy” phenomenon, instead highlighting the role of the MEK.”

A gleam which wipes out

The author of the Mostaghel daily then pointed to the conviction this month in Belgium of Iranian diplomat Assadollah Assadi and wrote about the role of the MEK: “The parties that make up the current government’s inefficiencies excuse themselves. Why do they not see in the vacuum created in this conflict that the MEK finalized the conspiracy of the Antwerp court in Belgium?”

“A conspiracy that an international court for the first time sentenced an official diplomat of the Islamic Republic to 20 years in prison, with the slander of terrorism and the bombing at the MEK gathering, and that exactly at the time when a gleam was seen to cancel the cruel sanctions, and that gleam was wiped out!”

This daily while ignoring the deadlock of the regime and calling it ineffectiveness wrote: “The extremists who try to create even a platform to attack the reformists from the leadership’s recommendation are ignoring this Khamenei saying,” Let us pay attention! The enemy ads to our failures and creates a psychological war.”

Panic from an uprising beyond November 2019

This daily expressed its fear about an uprising like November 2109 and wrote: “Through their satellite network, they do not stop encouraging the young people and others to make chaos and sedition. The MEK has practically captured the cyberspace and it actually invites young people to arms by producing daily clips, documents and articles. God knows what they have been prepared for us in the next turmoil.”

Finally, at the end, it addressed the rival faction and warned them that they are on the same ship and wrote:

“Why do you not understand, in a situation when the MEK with their 40 years of blind hatred with the integrity of the Islamic Republic (regardless of any factions and current), in which they will not step back even one centimeter, your attacks on the reformists only prepares the field for more blows by the MEK to the integrity of the system?”

“If this procedure continues, and with their actions the gap and corrosion in the system further widens, neither this faction nor that faction will benefit from it, but the enemy that has sworn to overthrow us will gain. Piercing the ship will drag all of as into inexistency.”