Prof. Tanter has seen these rallies as holding great political meaning, as the Iranian regime gives much attention to these rallies, often getting upset at the press coverage they receive, and often trying to block the latter media coverage in Iran. These mass rallies for a free Iran remind the theocratic regime that there is popular support for regime change, and that regime change is certainly possible from within.

In the midst of the worsening economic and human rights conditions in Iran, the Iranian people at home and abroad are starting to see regime change as the only option to ensure a free and prosperous Iran. Accordingly, the July 9th rally in Paris is a landmark event, which has the backing of hundred of politicians, world leaders and parliamentarians, who seek an end to the injustice of the theocratic regime. Moreover, tens of thousands of people will attend this rally, which according to Prof. Tanter is a sure way to garner the attention of Iranians across the world, and the Iranian regime.

In conducting interviews at previous free Iran rallies Prof. Tanter was “impressed with the geographical diversity of the attendees, professional qualifications, and steadfast commitment to achieve a secular, democratic, and nonnuclear Iran”. Thus, the July 9th rally in Paris should be no different, as this rally is not only a message to the Iranian people but to the Iranian regime as well, as it is a clear show of solidarity against oppression, abuse of power and injustice.

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