• Call on U.S. government and UN Security Council to take immediate action

NCRI Statement – In a several-hour interview aired live by al-Baghdadiya TV, mullah Watheg al-Battat, from Iraqi Hezbollah, who has undertaken the responsibility for the missile attacks against Liberty on February 9 and June 15, 2013, set the stage for another massacre in Camp Liberty. He said he works under Khamenei’s supervision and GOI has not issued any arrest warrant for him. In another video footage broadcast by al-Tagheer TV on July 8, he expressed his satisfaction with the GOI’s cooperation for dispatiching his forces to Syria. 

In his interview with al-Baghdadiya TV and in response to the question, “Did you attack on Camp Liberty?”, mullah Battat said, “Yes, I did, by Katyusha missiles, they are Monafeqin-e Khalq ]humiliating version of PMOI used by the Iranian regime[ that all conspiracies are planned with them. …They have planned for entering explosives and explosive belts and silencers and they have formed armed groups to attack the government…and they are designated by European Union and United Nations as a terrorist organization… the government has said time and again that this is a terrorist organization and it must be expelled from Iraq, but this organization has remained under US protection and it is continuing its activities in Iraq.”

There is no doubt that a several- hour interview in Baghdad could have not been carried out without coordination al-Battat with the GOI.  Hereby, Battat is setting the stage for more attacks against Camp Liberty. He had also announced in some interviews following June 15 attack that he would target Liberty again and soon. 

al Baghdadiya TV Watheg al Battat Iran MEK PMOI Attack Camp Liberty

In this same interview and in response to the question, “Has your arrest warrant not been issued?” Battat said, “I am not under prosecution. I have initiated political activities and I will take part forcefully in the next elections … there is no judicial order (against me)”, otherwise “police would arrest me.”

Battat said, “all Hezbollah (groups) are tied to Khamenei; Lebanese Hezbollah is tied to Khamenei too and receives its orders from him and gets its legitimacy from him…. I used to be in IRGC and have studied in military university in Tehran.”

On July 8, al-Tageer TV channel broadcast a video footage from Battat saying, “We should secure the government and governmental entities and should be bound to the orders.” He underscored that his party fully supports the government because it has facilitated his movements to Syria.

While reiterating that the Iranian regime, with the cooperation of the Governemnt of Iraq, is pursuing to launch further bloodbath in Liberty via groups affiliated to the terrorist Quds Force, the Iranian Resistance calls on the U.S. government and United Nations, and in particular the Security Council, to take immediate and effective measures such as compelling the GOI to return the residents to Ashraf and to provide security necessities in Liberty immediately. 

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran  

July 13, 2013