In a report published on July 20, the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom (BPCIF) condemns the Iranian regime’s unfounded and anti-democratic protest against this peaceful gathering.

The Iranian regime denounced the “Free Iran” conference to the French ambassador, and demanded that the French government restrict the activities of Iran’s most organised democratic opposition coalition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). 

In a similar attempt to silence legitimate opposition, Tehran summoned the Egyptian chargé d’affaires to “strongly protest” against the presence of an Egyptian parliamentary delegation in the Paris gathering. 

This latest desperate effort by Tehran against the NCRI, is its attempt to dictate its repressive policies to European governments.  That Iran would try to command Europe’s attention through threats and intimidation, only serves to demonstrate the growing ineffectiveness of the regime.

As an example, their unsuccessful attempt earlier this year to stop a protest rally by the opposition in Vienna, ended with Hassan Rouhani having no recourse but to cancel his planned visit to the Austrian capital.

Bullying by the Iranian authorities has denied the people of Iran their right to freedom of expression, and brutal crack downs have halted any attempts to organise a viable and democratic opposition within the country.   However, the hysterical reaction to the peaceful gathering in Paris, only shows the weakness of a regime that sees no alternative but to resort to terrorism and ultimatums in the face of legitimate opposition. 

It also highlights the need for Western governments strongly to condemn the Tehran regime for undermining and rejecting democratic values and the Rule of Law.  The NCRI, led by the respected female Muslim leader Mrs Maryam Rajavi, and its 10-point democratic platform for future Iran constitute a viable alternative to the current theocracy in Iran and represent a solution to Tehran’s domestic repression, support for terrorism and its destabilising role in the region.

This was clearly a call by the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom (BPCIF) and a responsible, firm policy by Western governments in relation to the Iranian regime. That policy should focus on Tehran’s human rights abuses, and its support for terrorism and violent Islamism. Constructive dialogue with Iran’s democratic opposition coalition, the NCRI, should be seen as a constructive policy.