However, these protests all have some very important things in common:
1) They are all the result of the ineptitude and corruption of the ruling mullahs, who have squandered Iran’s fortune on proxy wars, terrorist groups, and filling the bank accounts of those close to the Iranian Regime.
2) They are all held by the Iranian people and organised with the help of the Iranian Resistance with no outside “enemies”, like the US, bankrolling them.
3) They are all saluted as brave by Iranian Resistance Leader Maryam Rajavi.

Since December 2017, Iran has been besieged by anti-regime protests that call out the false narrative of any “moderate v. hardliner” struggle within the ruling elite and demand complete and total regime change by and for the Iranian people. Maryam Rajavi has stood with the protesters every step of the way, supporting their legitimate protests, calling attention to the plight of the protesters after the Regime’s crackdown led to thousands of arrests and dozens of executions or arbitrary killings, and asking global leaders to do more to ensure the protection of the protesters.

Maryam Rajavi also led calls for more protests by the Iranian people in March, during the Iranian New Year celebration of Nowruz, when she called for the Iranian people to make this “a year full of protests”. The Iranian people certainly heeded that call and protests only grew in size and scale over the next eight months, despite an increased crackdown by the mullahs.

During the recent strikes at both the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Factory and the Ahvaz Steel Company, Maryam Rajavi issued a statement in support of the workers and calling on others to join their noble protests.
She said: “Shoosh has risen with the cries of workers, and solidarity and strike of youth, teachers and merchants of the bazaar. The enemy attempts in vain to silence the Haft Tappeh deprived workers by suppressing and arresting them, but the cry of “we are hungry, hungry” of the children of Shush, calls the conscience of every human being to rise up against the oppressor mullahs.”

This is in a similar vein to the majority of Maryam Rajavi’s statements about strikes or protests in Iran, but why does she so often call on others to join the strike? Simply, because Maryam Rajavi understands the need for unity amongst the Iranian people and against the Regime. Whatever differences the Iranian people have, all of them would be better off without the mullahs in power, so it’s important that they support each other and show the world that regime change is the unified position of the Iranian people.

Maryam Rajavi also knows that the only way to stand up to the Iranian Regime is for all Iranians to stand together. There is nothing that scares a dictatorship more than a unified populace being guided by a popular leader like Maryam Rajavi.