Iran Regime in the Middle East

The Iranian Regime likes to destabilise other nation states in the Middle East in order to take power, when tensions are at their height; that way the Regime can look like a stabilising influence in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Struan Stevensson, former European lawmaker and President of the Friends of Free Iran Intergroup, spoke of how the Regime seeks to destroy the middle east, how it has levelled cities in Iraq and massacred thousands of Sunnis across the region.

While Jamal Ali Jassim Bu Hassan, Member of Parliament from Bahrain, explained that the Iranian Regime has been incredibly damaging to Bahrain.

He said: “No other regime has done greater damage to Bahrain, as has the Iranian Regime.”

The Regime uses proxy militias, like Hamas and Hezbollah, in order to look like their hands are clean.

AbdulKarim Bashar, prominent political analyst, Member of the Syrian Opposition Coalition and former member of European Parliament from Portugal, said that the Iranian Regime is the real puppet master for ISIS and is orchestrating their terror attacks around the world, despite publically criticising ISIS.

Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), called on Arab countries to help the Iranian Resistance (MEK) prove that the Iranian Regime (and its terrorist militias) is the only force that is oppressing the Iranian people and causing the destabilization of the Middle East.

Iran Regime attacks its people and MEK

The most common victims of the Iranian Regime are its own people who are viciously oppressed. Indeed, Mohaddessin said that the Iranian Regime has been more aggressive towards Muslims (Shia or Sunni) than any other regime.

While Hammami Jillany, an MP from Tunisia, said: “The Iranian regime has only oppressed the Iranian people and did not do anything for them.”

However, members and supporters of the MEK are the group most attacked by the Regime.

Tahir Boumedra, Former chief of human rights of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and special advisor to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, detailed that the crimes against the Resistance (MEK) from the Regime were an all too common occurrence.

He said: “I’m an eyewitness to the crimes in Camp Ashraf, those responsible must be punished.”

Boumedra was in charge of the Ashraf case at UNAMI, where safe transport to Albania, was arranged in 2016 for the brave exiled MEK members who were being attacked by the Regime whilst is supposed safety in Camp Ashraf in Iraq.

He said: “We have prepared a report with all the clear evidence of the crimes of the Iranian regime against the MEK.”

MEK enjoys popular support

Despite the Regime’s propaganda against their democratic resistance (MEK) and their attempts to eradicate them, the MEK receives great support around the world.

Sid Ahmed Ghozali, the former Algerian Prime Minister, congratulated the MEK on their progress over the past 20 years when it comes to international support.

He said: “Initially there were few supporters from the EU, but now the majority of all parliaments in Europe support the MEK…We are now concentrated on the overthrow of the Iranian regime and we have to educate international public opinion.”

This view was also voiced by those in the Middle East who are targeted by the Regime.

Hassan said: The MEK and the Iranian Resistance work day and night, but we need to work with the MEK to destroy the Iranian regime…[the Bahrain government] support the MEK by all means.”

While Jamal Al Awazi, Director of Yemen Center for Human Rights, said he saw the MEK as allies in the fight against extremism and praised the changes that he has seen around the world in terms of support for the MEK.

He said: “We are partners with the MEK in fighting the Iranian regime.”

Hisham Najjar, the member of the Syrian Opposition Coalition, said: “I call for a stronger alliance with the Iranian opposition (MEK) to overcome the enemies and the evil powers.”

Today was the last day of the Free Iran Gathering; yesterday over 100,000 politicians, human rights activists, and Iranians met to discuss why the Iranian Regime should be ousted, why the Iranian Resistance (NCRI/MEK) should be allowed to rule, and why the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps should be blacklisted by the international community.