Mohammad Pakpour, head of the Revolutionary Guard ground forces, told the Fars News Agency, which is affiliated with the Iranian Regime: “We will send advisers in all fields and offer all help at our disposal so the resistance front doesn’t break. They are present there now and we will deploy more as long as there is a need for advisory support.”

He said: “The advisory help isn’t only in the field of planning but also on techniques and tactics and because of this the forces have to be present on the battlefield.” 

He continued: “We will continue our advisory help as long as they (the Syrian Regime) need it.”

Pakpour said that the IRGC ground forces were in Syria to help out the Quds Force, a splinter group of the IRGC that is blacklisted as a foreign terrorist organisation (FTO) by the US Government.

He also confirmed that the IRGC is coordinating very closely with the Syrian Army.

Iran has been secretly providing help to the brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad since 2012. They only recently have admitted to it, after the number of Iranian casualties rose to a level that they could no longer hide.

According to Iranian officials, the number of Iranian troops who have died in either Iraq or Syria is 2,100 as of early March, which is a major jump from the 1,000 reported in late 2016

However, the actual number appears to be even higher with over 10,000 Regime troops dead.

The Iranian Resistance, who previously uncovered Iran’s secret nuclear weapons programme, reported in March that the Iranian Regime is burying the dead in secret mass graves in Syria, in order to boost morale for the war and hide their true influence in Syria.

Iran has not only sent its own troops to fight for the Syrian Regime but has also rounded up militias (and even refugees) from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to serve under IRGC commanders.

Iran is one of Syria’s two main allies in this conflict alongside Russia. 

The Syrian opposition forces are back by the United States, who recently dropped a bomb onto a Syrian Government airfield in retaliation for their chemical attack on civilians, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab states.