A senior official at the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that the Kingdom completely rejects the accusations by Iranian officials that Saudi Arabia supported the actions and explained that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a clear policy about not interfering in the domestic affairs of other countries.

By comparison, the Iranian Regime constantly interferes in the affairs of its neighbours and even stations proxy militias inside them. According to the US State Department, Iran is the leading sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East and the world.

Since the mullahs stole power in 1979, the Iranian Regime has spread chaos, sectarianism, extremism, and destruction throughout the world. They have stolen money from the Iranian people and used it to create chaos in the region.

The senior official said that the Kingdom is frankly used to the Iranian Regime making up lies about it. They assessed that the Iranian Regime has no option but to lie and blame other countries in order to disguise its shortcomings and failures to look as if they are as powerful as they wish to appear.

The Iranian Regime also recently accused Saudi Arabia of causing the economic collapse in Iran, which anyone could tell you were caused by decades of corruption and mismanagement by the mullahs.

The Regime spent its people’s resources on terrorist militias and ballistic missiles, with no thought to creating jobs; what else could possibly be the result?

The senior official then said that Saudi Arabia advised the Iranian regime to choose a new path to follow and behave like a responsible country, to seek prosperity and stability for its people, rather than blow resources on the support of terrorist organizations, sectarianism, and extremism.

They further advised that Iran should build new relationships with their neighbouring countries based on the principle of good neighbourliness, respect for international laws and norms, and without interference in their domestic affairs.

Iran has also blamed the attack on ISIS and the UAE, both of whom have denied the allegation.

The UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash tweeted on Sunday: “Incitement against the UAE inside Iran is unfortunate and is escalating following the Ahwazi attack… UAE’s historic position against terrorism and violence is clear and Tehran’s accusations are baseless.”