In his withdrawal speech, U.S. president promised that he would work with allies in the Middle East to stop Iranian regime’s “menacing activity” that the Iran deal actually helped to fund.

If The president of the united states really wants to stop the Iranian Regime from taking over the region, then he must start with Syria, where the Regime has used its various proxy militias, including Hezbollah, to prop up the brutal Bashar Assad dictatorship.

Following the withdrawal speech, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin promised that new sanctions against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) would seriously affect its ability to support Assad. This is a good start, but the US needs to go further to stop the Iranian Regime from making then Syrian conflict worse.

The Washington Post reported that the Israeli government was already getting serious on IRGC agents in Syria by conducting strikes against the suppressive security force, but the US isn’t moving towards that.

Earlier this year, Trump sent missiles to Syria as part of a joint effort to hit back against Assad’s use of chemical weapons. He needs to evict the Iranians and their proxies from Syria altogether, if he wants to end the conflict.

National security adviser John Bolton sees the importance of eliciting the Iranian Regime from the Middle East altogether, lest they gain control over the entire region. He is best placed to advise Trump about containing the Regime.

A few weeks ago, Bolton said of the Syrian conflict: “Iran was thinking of the next possible conflict and we were not. It does require a more comprehensive approach than we’ve got right now, given that there’s not much time before conditions worsen, I certainly hope it’s something they come up with.”

As yet, it’s unclear how the Trump administration will tackle Iran in Syria, but there are some ideas that could work well.

Retired General Jack Keane and the American Enterprise Institute’s Danielle Pletka proposed last month that the US should:

• strengthen its position in Eastern Syria
• support Arab Sunnis who can stabilise the liberated areas
• support the rebels fighting to liberate Western Syria
• use airstrikes against the military bases in Syria that are run by the Iranian Regime to stop them using chemical weapons

Mouaz Moustafa, executive director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, said that Iran will only commit more atrocities against innocents if they are allowed to continue.
It is clear that the Iranian Regime must be stopped in Syria, in order to defend the Middle East as a whole.