Robert Einhorn, who worked as a special advisor on arms control at the State Department until May 2013, elaborates on this rights creep by pointing out that the United States had for years said that the Iranian regime should not be able to enrich any uranium, but last year relented in saying that the regime could pursue a “limited” enrichment program.

Einhorn’s who has been a supporter of the nuclear talks and favors the extension of talks says while before the Iranian regime claimed that it was seeking the “right to enrich uranium” it is now saying that it needs a large capacity by 2021.

In supporting its claim that it needs nuclear capacity by this date, the regime has said that it needs enough enrichment capacity to fuel the Bushehr power facility once the current deal with Russia to fuel the plant runs out in 2021. Meanwhile, the world powers have insisted that the Iranian regime reduce its enrichment capacity and Russia has said that it is willing and able to continue to supply fuel for the Bushehr plant.

Einhorn states that the clerical regime’s call for enrichment capacity is not realistic. He says that Russia has been a consistent supplier of the plant despite US opposition over the years, and that Iran itself does not have the infrastructure to supply this plant itself like it says it wants to do.

Einhorn says that while the Iranian regime insists it now wants nuclear power for peaceful means, it cannot expect the international community to just forget about its previous record.

He says that a four month extension is not enough and that it will take time for the world to believe the Iranian regime when it has this dishonest record in its nuclear negotiations.

“If Iran pursues such an approach when the talks resume, it will not be acceptable, certainly not to the United States and several of its partners, and it will ensure continued deadlock,” Einhorn warned. 

Source: The Associated Press