Everyone hoped that Iran would provide lucrative trade deals for the West, while also stopping all work on its nuclear programme. Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be.

And why should the West have expected anything else? After all, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was also the representative during the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear programme in 2003-5, where he made wild promises about suspending all enrichment and reprocessing activities, that were never fulfilled. Something Rouhani, a supposed moderate, bragged about while negotiating this nuclear deal, yet still the West gave Iran the benefit of the doubt.

Since the nuclear deal was agreed, Iran has been ploughing the funds into its armed forces and ballistic weapons programme in order to continue causing chaos across the Middle East.

Middle East expert Tony Duheaume wrote: “This agreement has worked perfectly for Iran, with its new-found respectability among many influential nations, it has been able to make lucrative deals, and by keeping up this pretence of respectability, it will eventually allow it to build up its economy, strengthen its armed forces, and build up a multitude of grateful nations that will stand by it due to the lucrative deals on offer. But later down the line, when the Iranian leadership deems it to be the right time, when its economy and military are strong enough, and the world has fully accepted its ‘change’ of attitude, its nuclear program will be up and running again; and with the world blind-sided, the dream of creating a nuke will eventually be realised.”

Indeed, Iran is increasing its prestige, power, and wealth with every trade deal it signs and could well increase its control over the Middle East, even forcing the US out.

Donald Trump is currently deciding whether or not to remain in the Iran Deal, but he should remember that the Regime has used the money raised in order to increase their military, fund terrorist cells, and create proxy wars, not improve the standard of living for their people.

This increased military power threatens US interests and allies in the Middle East and could eventually hit US territory.

Trump is the only person willing and capable of stopping the mullahs and he should act now to cut them off at the knees, before they inflict untold damage.