Speaking to the state-run TV on Monday night, he said: “We never have and never will act outside the framework that the Supreme Leader has set out as red lines, and within this framework we have succeeded and will succeed on the nuclear issue and other issues.”

The regime had two key goals in the nuclear negotiations, Rouhani said, adding: “The first goal was to maintain our nuclear technology and continue on that path, and the second goal is to remove the sanctions.

“During these talks, we continued with our nuclear technology, meaning the centrifuges were spinning and we promised to the people that that never that would stop.

“The second goal during the talks was to have the sanctions removed step by step. Today some of the sanctions have been removed and some are ongoing.”

Negotiations between the US and the five powers and the clerical regime ruling Iran failed on Monday and have now been extended until July 1.

The 12 years of failed talks have allowed the mullahs to pursue their goal of building a nuclear bomb under the guise of a civil nuclear program to generate energy.

A report by the International Committee in Search of Justice published last week indicated that the regime’s nuclear program had military goals from the outset, and all its apparent civilian activities were a cover for creating a bomb.