The website adds that one of Iran’s current requirements in the negotiations is to increase the amount of centrifuges for its plants, particularly for the one located in Bushehr. This plant consumes 30 tons of 5% uranium dioxide, which means Iran must have 54,000 operation first-generation centrifuge machines to provide this output.

 A total of 21,000 centrifuges are currently installed at the Natanz and Fordow sites. Around 8,000 of them are active.

According to the same website, sources familiar with Iran’s existing position in negotiations have said that no centrifuges will be taken out. Iran will maintain the current number, and is only willing to compromise on the time table for increasing that number to 54,000.

Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister announced in an interview in Paris on Tuesday: “West is prepared to accept several hundred working centrifuges in final settlement with Iran.”

According to “Nuclear Iran” experts in Tehran are saying Iran’s current position is not a bargaining tactic but is its true position, and that if the West refuses it, the negotiations will fail.

These experts claim that for political reasons, it is impossible for Iran to take out even one centrifuge, meaning that if with a formula allows negotiations to proceed without requiring that Iran disassemble any part of its current centrifuge stockpile.