Lawrence J. Haas, a senior fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council, wrote an op-ed for US News in which he advised the White House to adopt a strategy to oppose the regime and support the resistance forces.

He wrote: “[This administration must] fashion a comprehensive strategy that confronts the odious regime while putting its moral authority behind the millions of Iranians who would like nothing more than to topple it.”

The threat posed by the Iranian Regime towards most of the world, is in its nuclear and ballistic missile production. These weapons pose a threat to the stability of the Middle East and could eventually pose a threat to the rest of the world.

Haas wrote: “Iran’s military expansionism of late encompasses a host of activities: pursuing illegal means to expand its nuclear and ballistic missile technology and expertise; continuing to test its longer range and increasingly sophisticated ballistic missile; and building underground facilities in Lebanon to manufacture missiles and other weapons for its most powerful terrorist client Hezbollah.”

Whilst development of nuclear weapons technology was supposed to stop in 2015, the Iranian Resistance has revealed information that Iran still has active nuclear weapons facilities in secret locations across Iran. They are also working closely with North Korea on nuclear weapons technology.

The ballistics missiles programme, which was recently sanctioned by the US, has at least three underground facilities within Iran and at least two in Lebanon, where the Regime backs the terror group Hezbollah.

It is believed that one of the missiles being built in Lebanon, the Fateh 110 missile, can reach up to 190 miles and thereby threatens most of Israel.

Haas wrote: “All told, Tehran’s expanding military capabilities present a growing threat to Washington’s allies in Jerusalem, Riyadh and elsewhere, raising the prospect that, at some point, an emboldened Iran or Hezbollah will launch a war or a defensive Israel will take pre-emptive military action to reduce the threats.”

Luckily, it seems that the US will be attempting to counter the threat of the Regime and work with the Resistance.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told the House Foreign Affairs Committee: “Our policy towards Iran, is to push back on [its regional] hegemony, contain their ability to develop, obviously, nuclear weapons and to work towards support of those elements inside of Iran that would lead to a peaceful transition of that government.”