Iran has been carrying out testing of ballistic missile despite the 2015 nuclear deal. If this does not show that Iran’s intentions are anything but sincere, then what will? It shows that Iran is a very real threat to the international community.
Terzi said that the European and international media has paid very little attention to what constitute gross violations of UN Security Council resolutions. During President Obama’s time in office, such violations were downplayed and it seems that the world’s media followed suit.

However, this changed when Donald Trump was elected. Before even taking office, President Trump was very outspoken about the badly-negotiated nuclear deal and vowed to be hard on Iran. He is making sure that policy is more assertive and clearly addresses ballistic missile testing. For instance, the Trump administration immediately put Iran “on notice” when the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) conducted a missile test just after President Trump officially took office.

Terzi also highlighted that on Friday the US Senate voted to impose new sanctions on Iran and he believes that governments in Europe should do the same. He said: “The EU and the global media have been slow to adapt to the new geopolitical reality, and Tehran remains barely deterred from its brazenness. As a result the world paid little attention late in May when the IRGC announced that it had completed work on a third underground facility for the production of ballistic missiles.”

He highlighted that European security is placed in great danger because Iran could soon be capable of firing a missile that could reach Europe if there are no more limits placed on its nuclear program. As it stands now, Western assets in the Middle East are in danger, as is Israel which has been on the receiving end of numerous threats from Iran.

During his visit to Saudi Arabia last month, many Arab leaders told President Trump that they are greatly concerned about Iran’s reach across the Middle East.

Terzi emphasised that European countries need to deal with Iran’s behaviour. The Iranian regime brazenly disregards international regulations and does not hide its destabilising activities that are unsettling the Middle East. Businesses in Europe are keen to profit from Iranian oil and to get into the Iranian market, but are either unaware, or don’t care, that it is the terrorist IRGC that controls most of this. So any involvement is a contribution to terrorism.

Terzi said that the United States is finally doing its part and now is the time for policymakers in Europe to do the same.

“They should exert pressure on the EU and its national governments before their laxity leads to Iran taking a central role in a much larger crisis. They should look to the Iranian people and the expatriate community. They need to firmly support the forces of a truly democratic opposition, the values of freedom and human dignity those forces are striving for, and their fight against the clerical regime.”