INU- Criminal gangs hired by the Iranian regime have imported cars and luxury goods loaded on 75 ships under the guise under the guise of importing medicine and other essential goods.
Mahmoud Bahmani, general manager of the regime’s Bank Markazi (Central Bank), said the gangs were exploiting the lower exchange rate for used to import medicines to save vast sums on luxury imports.

Under the regime’s currency exchange policy, imports of medicine and essential goods are carried out at the rate of 12260 rials per dollar, while the free market rate is 30000-32000 rials per dollar.

In this way, gangs make around 20,000 rials on each dollar by importing vehicles and luxuries at the lower rate, Bahmani said.

He told the state-run Tasnim news agency: “They received currency at the government rate for importing 83 ships loaded with medicine and essential goods, but only eight of them were loaded with medicine and essential goods. The other 75 contained luxury items.”

The revelation comes amid infighting within among the ruling elite over the dire shortage of medicine in Iran.

Bahmani, who is soon to quit his post, said the gangs had pressurised the Central Bank to allocate exchange at official rate for importing the luxury items, thereby misappropriating huge sums of money from Central Bank assets