The members of the Committee are Hassan Rouhani(the President), Ali Larijani (the Chairman of Parliament of Iran), Mohammad Javad Zarif (the Foreign Minister), Hossein Dehghan (the Defense Minister), Ali Shamkhani ( the Secretary of the Supreme Security Council), Ali Akbar Salehi (the Head of Atomic Energy Organization), Saeed Jalili (Khamenei’s Representative to the Supreme Security Council), and Ali Akbar Velayati ( Khamenei’s Advisor for International Affairs). The Secretary of the Supreme National Council, Ali Shamkhani is also the secretary of the delegation.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the resolution on the subjects of sanctioning Iran and enlisting the IRGC as a terrorist group last week with 415 votes in favor to 3 against. The bill was subsequently passed 98 to 2 in the U.S. Senate and sent to the White House for Donald Trump to sign.

The boycott of the Iran regime includes the ban on ballistic missile programs, terrorism, and human rights abuses in Iran as well as the IRGC ‘s entirety; enlisting this organization as a terrorist group according to the presidential decree 13224.