Maryam Rajavi wrote: “The MOIS has been operating hand-in-hand with the IRGC in many of the suppressive operations inside Iran as well as conducting terrorist actions abroad.”

She noted that throughout 2018, the MOIS was responsible for planning and/or carrying out terror attacks and assassinations in the US, the Netherlands, France, Albania, Belgium, and Denmark.

Maryam Rajavi wrote: “At the same time, Khamenei’s office, which acts as the main command centre for the IRGC and funds the IRGC through its extensive financial and commercial empire, must also be included on the terrorist list.”

Blacklisting the IRGC

After all, the US blacklisted the IRGC as a whole in April for their terrorist plots. The IRGC is a major organ of repression on the Iranian people, especially Maryam Rajavi’s Resistance forces and is involved in arbitrary arrests of dissidents, the torture of Resistance supporters, and foreign civil wars across the Middle East. Maryam Rajavi and the Resistance welcomed the IRGC designation, something they had been calling for since the 1980s, but they said that this was only the first move in correcting US policy on Iran.

Maryam Rajavi wrote: “Now that after a long delay, this evil force has been placed on the terrorist list, it is imperative that necessary measures associated with this designation be implemented comprehensively and immediately, while complemented with other imperative actions.”

The people’s thoughts

The Iranian people are also opposed to the IRGC and the MOIS because they see that the Iranian Regime will funnel money into those terrorist entities rather than national development and disaster relief, which has plundered the country’s wealth and increased terrorism and conflict. In short, nothing has been spent to rebuild the country after the flood, but plenty has been used to prop up the Bashar Assad dictatorship.

Maryam Rajavi wrote: “If one per cent of the annual revenue resulting from petrochemical exports conducted by the Khamenei faction was allocated to rebuilding efforts, Pol-e Dokhtar would not be drowned in the mud today. If a small portion of the IRGC’s expenses was instead spent on construction efforts in Khuzestan, today the residents of Khuzestan and our Arab compatriots would not be suffering and afflicted by such tragedies.”

The sanctions against Iran will only help the Iranian people to stand up against the Regime and bring about freedom and democracy in their country with no need for war.

Maryam Rajavi said: “The heroes and heroines of the Ashraf Light epic, and all the martyrs of the people, have made the ultimate sacrifice for the realization of this goal. Their blood and suffering will undoubtedly bear fruit.”