Clashes take place between the common people and the puppet election candidates of the regime –consequent repressive measures.

Reports received from the city of Yasuj speak of the people’s worsening economic conditions, while presidential candidates raise empty slogans and make false promises to deceive the people.

During presidential candidate Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf’s election campaign in Yasuj, one of his guards was injured in skirmishes with the people. A young Yasujian had loudly challenged Qalibaf that he is not in Tehran where he could more easily seek the people’s vote by extravagant displays and thousand-vehicle processions. Upon hearing this, Qalibaf’s guards tried to manhandle the young man, but others in the audience intervened on his behalf.

Security measures taken by the establishment in Yasuj in anticipation of a popular movement during the election period.

Starting on 11 Khurdad (June 1), security personnel made arrangements to safeguard all major streets and crowded places in Yasuj, including 60-meter-wide roads like Jumhuri and Taleqani. Trees on the streets are being guarded and rotating cameras have been installed to watch the movements of the people. These steps have been taken with the full knowledge of the provincial governor of Kahgalwaih, under the supervision of intelligence and security personnel and the sipah, to control the people during the election period.