On Friday June 7 at Friday prayers in Mashhad, Elm Alhoda, in the presence of a supportive member of the government’s scholarly Assembly of Experts, emphasized that whoever does not participate in elections will surely wind up in Hell. Alhoda claimed: “You should first feel responsible and participate in elections, and then select your candidate according to the standards of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad in order to prevent giving the revolution to the wrong candidate.”

Using what is sacred to bring people to the election polls by deceptive means is a new trick of the Iranian regime. 

Alhoda also told the people: “By boycotting the elections, you will be preparing the way for the overthrow of the government and helping it to be ruled by opponent groups. But by participating in the elections, you will stop the arrival of that day.”

After numerous publications’ reporting of a cold election, Alhoda, said: “Only atheists and the impious do not participate in elections.”