Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said: “If we want the grandeur and sovereignty of the Islamic republic to be preserved and it remains immune (to the harms), all should participate in the elections. The only way to confront the animosity of the enemy is the presence of people at the scene…If a dereliction is made and some pave the way for people’s disappointment, the country will definitely suffer.”

It’s strange that the world’s leading state-sponsor of terrorism is concerned about security threats when logically their terrorist activity causes security threats throughout the world.

Of course, the thing that really worries the Regime is not the security threat posed by other countries interfering with their democratic process. They are scared of a repeat of the 2009 Green uprising in which the disputed election results caused protests in the streets across Iran.

Who ever heard of a legitimate government being worried that they would be deposed by their own people? Surely that’s something that only dictators and despots fear, right? 

Well according to the Iranian Resistance, that it exactly what the Regime fears. It knows that it is running on borrowed time and that sooner or later the Regime will be overthrown.

Mohammad Mohaddess, Chair of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) Foreign Affairs Committee said in a recent online conference, “The choices for Khamenei are between the worse and the worse of the worse. This is the reality that Khamenei has to deal with. This is a totally new situation and new prospects and brings the regime closer to its downfall.”

So the Iranian Regime has deployed 300,000 police officers across the country, according to police chief Hossein Ashtari, with further security personnel from 16 different security agencies, including the Revolutionary Guards (a terror group), the paramilitary Basij, and the Intelligence Ministry. 

Shahriar Kia, a policy analyst wrote on the Daily Caller: “And this is a country where its regime claims to be the safest state in the world without a single bombing, at a time when the region and many countries across the globe are struggling to rein in terrorist groups.”

He pointed to evidence from Amnesty International which showed that the Regime is no stranger to illegal tactics if it protects the ruling elite. 


• Annually, 55% of global executions are carried out in Iran (if we exclude China’s numbers).

• The incumbent President Hassan Rouhani has presided over 3,000 executions in just the past 4 years.


• In just one year, nearly 500,000 people were locked up (that 0.6% of the entire population of Iran).

• Iran will imprison people for any criticism of the Regime, its Supreme Leader or its founder (even if that criticism is written in an unpublished fictional story)