Mentioning Rouhani’s wish to remain President of the Islamic Republic, the newspaper said that he wants to keep his position “at any price”, accusing him of questioning national and governmental authority. The newspaper said that Rouhani was also putting national security, and that of the regime, into danger.

It claimed: “Some of your statements in the debates and campaign speeches at political rallies are virtually opportunistic and provide material and tools for the enemy and destroy opportunities for the country.”

Rouhani was accused of cowardice and being afraid of the enemy: “Tarnishing the country’s military authority and saying, ‘Showing underground missile sanctuaries was a disruption of the JCPOA.’ They are signs of no understanding of the country’s sovereignty and national security. Being afraid of an enemy and not even allowing satellites to be launched, which are products of young scientists’ activities, and hoping that the enemy might feel pity for us and will act upon its JCPOA obligation is only a wishful thinking.”

The newspaper asserted that Rouhani’s potential re-election would not be good for the country or the future of the Iranian regime: “Intrigue arises from the way you go, not an election that will bring security for the Iranian regime.”

Another regime-affiliated newspaper, Javan, also warned about the potential re-election of Rouhani earlier in the week. It said that Rouhani was “competing with the system” instead of “competing with a rival”. It also accused Rouhani of trying to get the votes of the MEK and those who lost a family member by execution.

Regarding Rouhani’s condemnation of executions, the newspaper said: “Everyone knows that charging your rival with execution is irrelevant. The foundation of the system is targeted. Because, executions and the religious form of it, ‘revenge’ is God’s order. It is absolutely necessary and must be performed, such as managerial duties, it cannot become obsolete and subject to personal opinions.”

It continued: “Gathering all designers of the 2009 intrigue [a reference to the uprising] under his flag is another reason for their competition with the regime (…) Along with the above measures, the legal team of the executive branch complain every day about a few media to quiet them and to be able to shut down the outlets critical of his actions and then, things will be easier to go on with.”