The relations between the US and the UAE are becoming stronger and are not just based on security and defence issues, but also on common values as well as commerce and trade. 

The trade relationship between the two countries is very fruitful and the US had a $19-billion trade surplus with the UAE last year.

The Emirates are a significant importer of industrial goods from the US and thus is a source of high-level American jobs. For example, the Emirati airlines have provided jobs for hundreds of thousands of American workers. There is also over €175 million in local revenue generated as a result of flights from the UAE to the US. 

 In the Emirates there are more than 1,500 American businesses and around 75,000 American citizens who pay tax on their earnings there in the US. 

In a region that is known for its conflict and troubles, the UAE is a beacon of hope. 

The American President has spoken openly on numerous occasions about his ideas for peace in the Middle East, and the most important way to move towards this is to tackle the aggression perpetrated by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Many officials in the Trump administration have recognised and identified Iran as the main exporter of terrorism in the world and have expressed their contempt for its bloody involvement in the Syrian civil war and other conflicts in the region. 

The UAE is the only nation in the Arab world that has joined forced with the United States to be part of coalition actions in the past few decades. They have worked together in wars in Bosnia-Kosovo, the Gulf War, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan and of course the present fight against ISIS. 

The Iran nuclear deal is currently undergoing a comprehensive review after many members of the Trump administration have voiced their concerns about Iran’s malign behaviour. Early on in the Trump administration, Iran was put “on notice” and sanctions were issued against numerous Iranian individuals and entities following the launch of a ballistic missile. Since then, the Trump administration has continued to take the threat of Iran seriously and does not appear to be relenting.