The newspaper in its editorial titled “a show to hear the voice of critics” with ridicule and irony wrote: “The fact that an opportunity occurred for some representatives of student organizations to criticize the function of the government of Generals freely while there was just a gently and soft response [by Rouhani] is so bizarre that he have to continuously check to make sure we’ve not gone crazy.” 

The editorial suggested that Rouhani took the bitter criticisms leniently in order to stage a pre-arranged show in the run-up to the presidential election in Iran.

Siasat-e-Rooz added: “All of these happenings are for the sake of the future presidential election that is going to be held next year in May. The close and familiar advisors of the government believe that the government shall stage a special show in order to pave ways for the presidential elections so that all could believe that this government freely hears the voice of critics and those who are opposed.”