In an exclusive interview with INU, two high-ranking former U.S. military  officials discuss the implications of Hassan Rowhani’s election as President of mullahs’s regime.   Chief of Staff of the United States Army (2007-2011), General George Casey provides insight into carefully understanding what the term “moderate” really means when describing Rowhani.   “He may be by Iranian standards a moderate or a reformer but he has still been a part of the Regime for a while. So he is an insider,” said Casey.  “The idea that he is going to come and turn a switch and turn into a reformer by Western standards, I think is a bridge too far,” he added. 

Additionally, Joint Interagency Task Force (JIATF) Commander at Ashraf, Col. Leo McCloskey explains that due to recent actions and words of Hassan Rowhani, the world should expect to see little to no change from the new regime President.   “I don’t see a major change in current policy. He was chosen by the Mullahs. So I think even though he may say he is moderate, I don’t see him reaching out to America,” said McCloskey.  “In fact some of his recent comments have indicated that he is not going to reach out to America. So I am not optimistic,” he added.

Hassan Rowani will be inaugurated as mullah’s new president on August 3, 2013.

See the full video clips of Gen. George Casey and Col. Leo McCloskey discussing Rowhani’s election here.

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