One day after Qom University of Medical Sciences President Mohammad Reza Qadir described the coronavirus outbreak in Qom as critical in a live television program and revealed that the decision to censor the statistics and information about the outbreak had been issued by senior government officials, state-run media IRNA news agency reported that he was quarantined. 

IRNA reported: Dr. Mohammad Reza Qadir, head of Qom University of Medical Sciences, has been in frequent contact with coronary patients for the past few days, and by the advice of doctors he should be kept in quarantine for some time. 

It is unclear whether the quarantine of the Qom University of Medical Sciences chief will be along with his possible removal from the post of head of the medical university, but by applying quarantine conditions to him, in practice, his responsibility of dealing with Corona in the city and province of Qom which is the work area of Mohammad Reza Qadir is denied to him. 

Of course, he has appointed Dr. Ali Abrazeh as vice-president of the university during an order. 
The head of Qom University of Medical Sciences mentioned in a live television program four important points about the critical situation of Qom and the emancipation of patients infected with the coronavirus in the city. 

He spoke about the critical situation of Qom and the wandering of patients infected with the coronavirus in the city, the censorship of information and statistics on the extent of coronary outbreaks by senior government officials, the monopoly of Tehran in the examination of the coronavirus under the supervision of the Ministry of Health’s central headquarters, as well as a number of cases of nurses and doctors infected with the coronavirus. 

Mohammad Reza Ghadir said in the interview, referring to the dire situation of the coronary virus in Qom: “I am used to speaking honestly. We should have to look at Qom differently. Qom’s situation is inadequate and therefore I ask the Ministry of Health and government delegation for help, and to have a different view on Qom so that we do not see coronavirus outbreak in Qom.” 

He said people from the medical and nursing staff have been infected or suspected of having the coronavirus, and in some cases, the results of their tests should be determined. 

Qadir also described the situation of the Coronavirus outbreak in Qom as worsening, citing a “censorship order for statistics and information related to Corona” that was “ordered by the Ministry of Health not to disclose statistics.”


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