Security forces tried to prevent the demonstration by using plainclothes and the regime’s intelligence agents, as well as anti-riot police, who evacuated the area around the parliament. Special unit motorized forces and a number of police cars were stationed in front of the main door and the northern and eastern sides of the  parliament. 

The demonstrators chanted, “Theft and corruption by the Ministry of Finance,” and, “This much embezzlement has turned Iran into Karbala (a killing field)”, as well as,Rouhani’s cabinet was blind and did not see the theft”.  “O’ Messiah, uproot this oppression”, was seen, as was,  “shareholders of Padideh have only heard lies”, and, Khorassan prosecutor set fire to our belongings”, along with, “Those who claim to have faith, have betrayed all the time”, and, “The three branches of the government do nothing but red tape and whitewashing (their crimes)”, also, “Today is a day of mourning, because the nation’s life is insecure”, as well as, “We will not leave until we get an answer.” 

“Building the country is the greatest crime in Iran, trusting the government is definitely a mistake,” read a placard carried by protesters. 

For three days, Telecom workers have gathered outside the parliament, bringing along their families and young children, despite the brutal cold. 

More than 700 coffee shop owners from the provinces of Isfahan, Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari, and Lorestan, attended the rally to protest the sealing of their businesses. They chanted in unison, “Heyhat Menna Zellah,” indicating that they would not surrender to the oppression of the rulers, and will continue to demand their rights at any cost.