The Iranian government’s negligence has led to the death of hundreds of medical staff. Here are the names of 112 Iranian physicians, nurses, and healthcare workers who have lost their lives to Covid-19.

Following the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic in Iran, medical staff who combat the health crisis at the frontlines were the most vulnerable people. Across the world, governments considered different methods to provide the necessary equipment and extra wages to help spare the lives of these selfless combatants.

Contrary to the world’s will to save these invaluable human resources, the autocrats in Iran did not even give meager salaries to these heroes. In Iran, physicians, nurses, healthcare workers, and hospital crews face enormous socioeconomic dilemmas in addition to the coronavirus’s hardships.

Citizens call these selfless staff “health angels.” However, the government seems to have completely forgotten these people. There has not been a week without nurses’ protests in different cities, which are occasionally suppressed by the State Security Forces (SSF).

In Mashhad, a group of nurses held a demonstration in front of the governor's office to protest having not received their wages for several months.
In Mashhad, a group of nurses held a demonstration in front of the governor’s office to protest having not received their wages for several months.

For instance, on July 2, the SSF attacked a peaceful rally of nurses in Mashhad city, northeastern Iran, beating them with batons and electric shockers. Oppressive forces also tore up their banners and placards and even arrested a number of protesters.

Such pressure has pushed many nurses to leave the country, searching for somewhere where their services would be admired. On December 17, in an interview with Mashreq News website, Abdollah Safari, deputy chief of the Nursing Organization, admitted to nurses’ immigration due to overwhelming pressure both physically and mentally. “Negligence toward nurses’ demands diminishes their motivation… and in some cases, these indifferencies lead nurses to migrate from the country. In the long run, this issue would exacerbate the crisis of shortage of nurses in the country,” Safari said.

Meanwhile, the high number of Covid-19 fatalities among Iranian medical staff is another reflection of these noble people’s suffering. On August 2, in an interview with Sharq daily, former Science Minister and current chief of Iran’s Medical Council Mostafa Moeen revealed that the number of Covid-19 casualties among Iranian medical staff is higher than the international average. He also admitted that as of August, over 180 physicians and nurses have lost their lives to the novel coronavirus.

“Why should the casualties among our dear medical staff, whether doctors, nurses or pharmacists, be higher than the international average? Regrettably, over 180 physicians, nurses, and other irreplaceable forces of health and medicine have been martyred, and over 6,000 have contracted the disease,” Moeen said.

Recently, Maryam Hazrati, deputy chair of the Nursing Department in the Health Ministry, disclosed the mind-blowing number of nurses who have been infected with the virus. “We are still facing major issues. To this day more than 45,000 nurses have contracted the novel coronavirus,” Hazrati told the Iran Online website on December 16.

“Of the roughly 145,000 nurses across the country around 60,000 have contracted Covid-19, 6,000 are in quarantine and around 100 have lost their lives,” said the head of Nursing Apparatus Organization Mohammad Mirzabeigi on December 17.

However, neither Moeen nor Hazrati provide actual numbers. According to reports obtained from independent media and activists, as of October 20, more than 340 medical staff had died of Covid-19. Moreover, Pezeshkan [Doctors] News Channel acknowledged the rate of death among Iranian medical staff is 20 times that of other countries.

Iran: 111 Medical Staff Have Died of Coronavirus So Far, Regime Lays Off Nurses

Here are the names of 112 selfless physicians, experts, nurses, and healthcare workers who have lost their lives in Iran in the past few months:

The Late Iranian Physicians:

1- Mohammad Reza Mirza Aghaei

2- Mohammad Zare Joshaghani

3- The legend of Hassanvand Amouzad

4- Mandana Mousavi

5- Pouria Radmanesh

6- Seyed Fakhruddin Mir Hosseini

7- Habib Zakerian

8- Abbaspour

9- Hamid Saqib Majidzadeh

10- Alireza Hajati

11- Yousefnejad

12- Mirsalim is not a unit

13- Zahed Safikhani

14- Majid Alemi

15- Hossein Chizari

16- Fallah Doost culture

17- Shakir Sabah

18- Habib Zakerian

19- Mohammad Faqihi

20- Masis Mikaelian

21- Omid Javadzadegan

22- Wali Allah Hassani

23- Alireza Zamani Yekta

24- Mohammad Pahlevani

25- Abolfazl Mohammad Alizadeh

26- Farzin Rahnameh

27- Absent persimmon scissors

28- Mohammad Rasool Harfat Kar

29- Mohsen Behbahani

30- Yousef Rahbari

31- Massoud Ershadi

32- Behzad Ghaleh-Noei

33- Seyed Mohammad Hassan Kazemi Yazdi

34- Abdul Reza Rudbari

35- Ali Akbar Aghaei Babapour

36- Hashem Saeipour

37- Seyed Kamal Abu Turabi

38- Ahmad Khosravi Kharashad

39- Hamid Horfer

40- Homayoun Fayouz

41- Sadegh Abbaszadeh Zaidi

42- Shiva Faridi

43- Mohammad Salari

44- Amir Hossein Atari

45- Farhad Najafi

46- Roham Mahdavi Nia

47- Robabeh Ghaffart Tabrizi

48- Sadegh Abbaszadeh

49- Mohammad Reza Samiei

50- Omid Javadzadegan

51- Hashem Saeipour

52- Abdul Reza Rudbari

53- Seyed Mohammad Nourian

54- Babak Zarnani

55- Hossein Aghili

56- Hamid Saqebzadeh

57- Ismail Mohajerani

58- Mohammad Reza Mirza Aghaei

59- Mohammad Alizadeh

60- Mohammad Aghaei


Late Iranian Nurses:

1- Fatemeh Shafiee Moghaddam

2- Zahra Shirviyeh

3- Parvin Keyvan

4- Ali Burjis

5- Beloved of God

6- Mahnaz Salehi

7- Sahar Shahmoradi

8- Sepideh Sepidnameh

9- Ali Safarloo

10- Message of mercy

11- Enamel enjoyment

12- Haniyeh Seljuk

13- Reza Gorji

14- Zahra Bi Azar

15- Ahmad Talebi

16- Meysam Afzali

17- Kobra Bagheri

18- Mohammad Shokri

19- Zahra Rahimi Shokooh

20- Zahra Ragbar

21- Kiana Nakhaei

22- Mahmoud Porjush

  1. Maryam Sharafkhah

24- Assad race

25- Zahra Souri

26- Farahnaz Hassani Azar

27- Fariba Bahramnejad

28- Zarrin Raisi

29- Reza Gorji


Late Iranian Midwives:

1- Zohreh Kamalinejad

2- Somayeh Khairollahi


Late Iranian Paramedics:

1- Mehdi Farzaneh

2- Hassan Miyan Saz

3- Assistant of Mohammad Rezaei


Late Iranian Rural Nurses:

1- Mansoura Hosseini

2- Vali Nejadasad

3- Abdul Reza Weisi

4- Abdul Ghafoor Mohammadi

5- Khojam Bardi Chargzi

6- Abdul Ghafoor Mohammadi

7- Abdolreza Veisi


Late Iranian Health and Medical Experts:

1- Radiology—Saeed Shafaat

2- Anesthesia—Mansour Javidpour

3- Hygiene—Marzieh Mohammadi

4- Radiology—Hamed Mardani

5- Physiotherapy—Tahereh Rajabi

6- Physiotherapy—Asghar Issabadi

7- Physiotherapy—Soheila Zare

8- Physiotherapy—Mohsen Karimi

9- Emergency—Ali Farahani

10- Emergency—Hamzeh Moghadam

11- Medical Emergency—Behrouz Gholami

12- Laboratory Sciences—Ahmad Yalali

13- Laboratory Sciences—Maryam Sufi

14- Laboratory Sciences—Morteza Khoshoughat

15- Comprehensive Health Services Center—Ali Hajipour


Late Iranian Hospital Healthcare Staff:

1- Fatemeh Barin Kar

2- Azam Najafifard

3- Farzad Nami Kar

4- Fatemeh Meysamy

5- Seyedeh Zahra Mousavi Arfa

6- Mohammad Hossein Bagheri

7- Akbar Grossi

8- Kazem Ahmadi