According to reports, the names of these three persons are Sohrab Alirezai, Hossein Madadi and Soroush Kiani. The victims were from the city of Mubarakeh in Esfahan province (central Iran). During the years they recited poems in night gatherings in this city and for this activity,  on many occasions, they were summoned by the mullahs’ intelligence, threatened and also spent a few months in prison. 

Families of the three have no doubt that they have been killed by the regime’s criminal agents. The Intelligence Ministry warned the families and close associates of these murdered poets that they shouldn’t speak out about this incident, especially to the domestic and foreign media.

There were similar reports that 4 persons opposing the mullahs’ regime in Sistan and Baluchestan province (southeastern Iran) were also assassinated. 

The names and particulars of the people assassinated in Sistan and Baluchestan province as follows: 

-On Sunday, March 30, Abdollah Baji Zehi, a Sunni scholar cleric, was attacked as he left the mosque in Shirabad district of Zahedan. The attackers shot him four times in the head and he was immediately killed.

-On Sunday, March 30, Mr. Shahou Zehi, 34, was killed as he was targeted by a machine gun. On this same day, another individual by the same name, i.e. Shahou Zehi, 40, was assassinated in Jam-e Jam Street of Zahedan.

-On Tuesday, April 1, around 3 pm, Mr. Khadad Narouei, 60, a trusted citizen of Bezman Town of Iranshahr Township was killed by machine gun fire in this province.

-On Monday, March 31, Mr. Morad Kahra Zehi, 45, was hit by eight bullets in Zahedan and was severely wounded. He is currently in Khatam hospital of Zahedan in a state of coma.