This political prisoner who had also been imprisoned in the 1980s was expected to be released on April 2 as his prison term was to end, but for some unknown reason, his release has been delayed for three months.

Reports from inside the country indicate that this is the third time that his release has been deferred with no stated reason.

He has been charged for acting against the security of mullahs and supporting the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), the principle opposition to the mullahs’ regime. 

Hamidreza Borhani had gone on a hunger strike in Gohardasht prison on April 7, along with five other political prisoners, in protest to the transfer of Mr. Shahrokh Zamani, a labor activist, to Ghezel Hessar prison in Karaj and his acute physical condition.

The political prisoner who have gone on hunger strike have called the transfer of political prisoner Shahrokh Zamani to Ghezel Hessar in Karaj as a “violation of human rights” and “organized crime” by mullahs’  judicial system against political prisoners.