This forced the Iranian Regime to double down on the attack and claim that they had definitely meant to drop the motor of a rocket onto a field in Kurdish territory, providing a shoddy computer animation of the so-called planned exercise, in an attempt to cover up this humiliating failure.

Iran’s semi-official media claimed to the sceptical Iranian public and the international community that the explosion at the launch site wasn’t a mistake or the failure of the rockets, but essentially rocket boosters landing as normal.

While the missile blast in Kermanshah, where the country’s Kurdish minority lives, thankfully killed no one, it destroyed a farm, which could well be the livelihood of a family and the food source of a community, and displayed that Iran’s missile programme is far too dangerous to be used.

The missile failure and the Iranian Regime’s lies
The failed missile attack was first reported on Twitter by the Democratic Party of Kurdistan, shortly after the Iranian Regime showed the launch on TV and announced that they were heading to Albu Kamal, Syria, which meant that the rockets should have gone all the way across Iraq.

The Iranian Regime responded with a video that they released via the semi-official Fars News agency, which contained an animation of a fictional missile flight path and a rocket booster landing peacefully in a field.

The problem is that Iran’s shorter-range ballistic missiles actually need to take their boosters with them almost to the very end of their flight path in order to maintain trajectory.

While yes, ballistic missiles have rocket boosters called “stages” that do fall off in flight as the warhead separates from the missile and heads down to hit its target, this does not happen upon launch or when the missile still has to traverse a whole country. The stages that do fall off, often have parachutes to slow their fall because they still hold some fuel in some stage of combustion, which this missile did not.

As Alex Lockie wrote on Business Insider: “For obvious reasons, it’s entirely undesirable to have a burning rocket motor smash into the ground of an unsuspecting farm. For this reason, Iran’s excuse doesn’t make much sense. Even if the farm was only hit with a flaming rocket booster, it was still an innocent farm slammed by a burning rocket booster.”