NRCI representative Perviz S Khazai explained that Engdal was lured to this location by the MOIS agent through unknown means, but his behaviour in attending does not meet the standard of professional journalism. (In fact, Regime agents consistently use to disguise their spying attempts, as detailed here.) He wrote that Engdal had “questionable” communications with MOIS agents before, during, and after the trip.

Khazai noted that the NCRI and PMOI have always been the primary target of the clerical regime’s terrorism and espionage, something recognised by various intelligence agencies throughout Europe. He also explained that Kallmyr was already well aware of the role that the regime’s embassy in Oslo plays in plots against the Iranian Resistance.

Khazai wrote: “You are aware about the relations of the mullahs’ regime embassy and regime ambassador in Norway such as his close ties with the terrorist arrested in Denmark, Mohammad Davoodzadeh Louloui. He was arrested for participating in a terrorist plot against Iranian dissidents in Denmark.”

He then cited the role of the Regime’s other embassies in crimes, terror plots and spying against the opposition; notably, that of supposed diplomat Assadollah Assadi arrested in Germany last July after delivering a highly lethal bomb to two other terrorists, which was to be set off at the NCRI rally in Paris.

Khazai wrote: “While I myself, as an Iranian-Norwegian citizen, appreciate the democracy of Norway, which is among the [best] in the world, needless to remind us all that democracy is very vulnerable to infiltrations, misuse and plots from unhuman totalitarian regimes.”

He asked Kallmyr to take all necessary legal measures to make Norway safe for all its residents.

In a related issue, Behzad Saffari, legal advisor for the PMOI in Albania, wrote to  Amund Djuve, Editor-in-chief of Dagens Næringsliv regarding Engdal and his association with Thanasi.

He wrote: “The questionable and suspicious behaviour of your journalist alongside an agent of the Iranian regime is an increasing disturbing matter. Furthermore, we have been informed that Mr Engdal has met with some MOIS agents, including Hassan Heyrani, who call themselves former members of the PMOI and are on the payroll of the Iranian regime’s embassy in Albania.”

Saffari asked Djuve to ensure his newspaper and journalist not become tools of the Mullahs regime.