“You send women there, then something happens to them and their reputation will be damaged,” Nader Ghazipour had said.

Iran MP claims women don’t belong in Parliament

Ghazipour became an MP for the city of Orumiyeh, north-west Iran, following the February 26 election. 

The controversial speech by this Iranian MP in February in the city of Orumiyeh has been widely spread in social networks. A video clip of Ghazipour’s speech, during his campaign trail, was filmed by an undercover reporter in his election campaign headquarters. 

Speaking in Azeri dialect, Ghazipour states: “We did not obtain the country easily to send any fox and foal there. Parliament is not a place for chits, nor is it a place for women.”

Gazipour also referred to the Iran-Iraq war and said he was a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) at the time. He said he encountered 600 to 700 Iraqi soldiers in a border road and all of them surrendered “but we did not have the capacity to keep them, and we had to get rid of them.” He added: “You may not have slaughtered as many chickens and roosters, but for the sake of the revolution, I had to do these things”. 

Gazipour, 47, has been a Member of Parliament in the Iranian regime for two terms. In the early 1980s he was in the election office of Iran’s then-President Ali Khamenei and at times served as governor of Piranshahr and Sardasht. He also has a military background and in 2003 was appointed as commander of the First Brigade Artillery Battalion of the 3rd Special Forces.

Following the revelation of his speech, the reporter who exposed him was beaten by unknown persons to an extent that he suffered serious injuries including to his cheek and left ear. There are reports that he has lost his hearing.