One of the biggest concerns these days for the Iranian regime has been the projection of images of the leaders of Iran’s main opposition group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) on walls in Iran’s cities. The projections in Tehran alarmed the regime, prompting the media outlets to write about them and warn about the security consequences.

At 9:30 pm on Monday, April 11, at the intersection of Iranshahr and East Kourosh Street, the MEK’s Resistance Units projected a large picture of the opposition’s leaders onto a wall. This image was clearly visible even from a distance.

The same images were projected on March 9, and March 29, along with the slogans ‘Down with Khamenei’ and ‘Long live Rajavi’, on a Parsian brokerage building on the Jalal Al-Ahmad Highway, and on a wall on the Resalat Highway.

These are just a few examples of the campaigns by the Resistance Units, who have decided to challenge the regime’s repressive network. These actions, which have created much confusion for the regime as it struggles to prevent these events, have such a great impact on the morale of the Iranian people.

The state-run daily Bultan News expressed the regime’s concern in its April 13 issue, in an article entitled, “Image projection, the sign of the enemy’s presence.” It wrote, “On Monday night, April 10, the residents of the intersection of Iranshahr and East Kourosh Street saw a very large projection on one of the walls of this area at around 10 pm. According to witnesses, the image projection was so large that it could be seen well from a distance. How long do we really have to witness these norm-breaking signals?”

It continued, “In the media silence, this news had no media coverage. But to enlighten public opinion, especially for those who observe the social and security realities of society, it must be said that the mischief of the Mojahedin is not pointless and aimless.

“They started from cyberspace and hyped it up. Today, they are taking practical action in the streets of Tehran. Is this not a sign of the enemy’s advancing? Should not the supporters and advisers of the government be worried about the consequences of such mischievous and norm-breaking actions?”

Explaining the hopeless position of the regime’s security forces against these actions, the Bultan News further explained, “Such actions by the MEK and the lack of response from the security structures only do not indicate the weakness of the system. The MEK wants to make it appear that their supporters, who are known as the Resistance Units, are ready and have a fire at will and no one can confront them.”

Expressing its fear about the repetition of the November 2019 protests, it added, “It is good to make the most of the turmoil of recent years. But was it not Massoud Rajavi, the leader of the MEK, who, after the riots of January 2018, claimed that now it is ‘the time for the expansion and leap of Resistance Units.’

“So, the MEK did not stop their strategy and they have continued their actions day by day with graffiti and installation of large banners, and now they are at a point where they penetrate the radio and television network and penetrate the ministries, and sometimes they show their presence in the streets of Tehran in this way.”

It concluded saying, “By carrying out these persecutions, the MEK intend to pretend that they can take any action internally and weaken Mr. Raisi’s government, and externally present themselves as an alternative to the Islamic Republic to foreign counterparts.

“The bottom line is that the enemy acts with engineering. The actions of the enemy should not be underestimated. The situation is very serious. Especially since the JCPOA has not yet reached its outcome and the United States is committing new mischiefs every day. Let’s turn enemy engineering into another ambush.”