In fear of the teacher’s protests, the Iran regime’s parliament botched a so-called ‘ranking teachers’ bill to calm down the situation and prevent the expansion of the protests and its transmission to other strata of the society.

This bill is so worthless that even some of the regime’s MPs rejected the bill and attacked the regime’s government. One of them Jabar Kutchakinejad said: “The rights of the cultural figures are being violated here.”

The reality is that the regime has no intention to pay for the teachers and educators rights, otherwise it must lower the budget of its military and Revolutionary Guards forces, but something is not visible especially after the approval of the next year’s budget which shows a 200 percent increase of the budget for its forces.

In their statement Iran’s teachers and educators while denying this bill, called the approval of the bill’s article 6 a ‘coup de grace’ and emphasized that, ‘due to the inflation and shrinking budget, next year all educators will live under the poverty line.’

The teachers have warned the regime to protest once again on Sunday, December 19, if their demands are not responded to and a real ranking plan has not been approved and all the arrested teachers are not released.

In fear, the regime’s media like the state-run daily Resalat is warning the regime as it wrote: “The parliament passed a ranking bill that teachers say keeps them below the poverty line.” (State-run daily Resalat, December 16, 2021)

The Arman daily called the regime’s behavior regarding this subject a ‘negative approach’. The reason for this negative approach becomes clear after some of the country’s tutoring teachers protested, and the state-run daily Etemad wrote:

“Although a small amount has been to the teachers’ salaries in this bill, tutoring teachers’ salaries have not been taken into account at all and their widespread protests in recent years have not been heeded.”

While speaking from the teacher’s side this daily added: “Aren’t we in charge of education? Why don’t they think about this discrimination? We have neither job security nor adequate salaries; All decisions are also aimed at increasing discrimination; We are left out of all decisions.” (State-run daily Etemad, December 16, 2021)

Hossein Arab Asadi, Deputy Head of Iran’s Employment Affairs Organization revealed the regime’s negligence and said:

“The government does not have the credit to implement the ranking this year, and the financial regulation for this year has not been seen, and the government does not have the credit for this year to provide. Since the beginning of 2021, we have considered about 25 trillion tomans (about $ 1 billion), which has been presented in the budget bill, so the number of new financial regulations in the proposal is not realistic.” (State-run daily Jahan-e Sanat, December 16, 2021)

But the regime’s Communication Ministry whose main job is filtering, and censorship witnessed a 134 percent of budget increase, the regime’s state TV and Radio witnessed a budget increase of 56 percent and the regime’s IRGC witnessed a budget increase of 204 percent.

But the education budget has increased by only 14 percent, while according to the document called the ‘Fundamental Transformation Document of Education’, its share of the general budget was supposed to be 20 percent, and in the 2021 budget, its share of the public budget was only 8.5 percent.

This is while the prices are increasing daily, and the country is struggling with unbridled inflation which is pushing more teachers and educators under the poverty line.

The fact is that in this regime, it is not only the rights and dignity of the teachers and the educational system that is being neglected but also the development and welfare of the public. In the 2021 budget, what is considered as construction budget affairs is less than $ 3.5 billion.