The Iranian rial, which is now valued at 60,000 rials to the US dollar, and the overall rocky economy will likely prove the end for the Iranian Regime.

Indeed, you can see how scared the Regime is by the prospect as they’ve artificially fixed the exchange rate at 42,000 rials to the dollar, imposing limits on currency exchanges, and are threatening to execute money changers who differ from this.

Bringing down the Regime

An anti-regime uprising spread through the Iranian populace in late 2017, following the release of a draft budget that would increase military spending, whilst slashing subsidies for the poorest in society.

It started as an economic protest, but quickly spread into an uprising against the Regime as a whole, because all of the problems that the Iranian people face are exacerbated by the Regime.
It didn’t help that, despite the protests, the bill passed virtually unchanged in March, which gave new life to the protests.

Blaming others

The Iranian Regime is not used to sombre reflections on its role in problems facing the Iranian people, which is why they chose to blame the Regime’s enemies in a statement last Tuesday and why they continue to blame other countries for limiting their access to sanctions relief.

This is, of course, nonsense. International companies and banks are reluctant to invest in Iran because they don’t want their money used to fund terrorist militias like Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis.

The Iran Deal

Speaking of sanctions relief, Donald Trump’s deadline for fixing the flaws in the nuclear deal is now less than a month away and it is expected that he will pull the US out of the accord and reinstate sanctions on Iran.

We can predict this because the talks have gone almost nowhere and Trump has been stacking his cabinet with people like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo who are well known for their tough stances on Iran.

In addition, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin suggested that there would likely be strong US sanctions on Iran in the near future.

He said: “If the president doesn’t sign the certification, the sanctions snap back into place. I do think the primary and secondary sanctions would have an important impact on the Iranian economy, and that’s something he’s thinking about and balancing as he makes his decision.”

This is important because if sanctions are reinstated immediately, then it would heavily impact on the Iranian Regime and cut off the majority of the funding for their suppressive security forces. This would, in turn, help the Iranian people to stand up against the mullahs and bring about regime change in Iran.