One of the economic zones that have been looted and plundered by Iran’s ayatollahs is the steel industry as one of the most important sources of income for the country at home and abroad.

In order to seize the steel industry, the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) have created a complicated mafia whose job is to plunder the maximum of steel exports and not return its foreign exchange earnings to the country.

They are increasing the domestic price of steel day by day, which has a great impact on the price of goods that are dependent on the steel industry.

Regarding the impact of the increase in the price of steel on the increase in the price of home appliances, the Telegram channel of the state-run Khabar Fori website on October 27, wrote a piece titled: “212 percent increase in steel prices is the reason for the increase in home appliance prices.”

“Secretary of the Home Appliances Industry Association said a 212 percent increase in steel prices and an average increase of 150 percent in production input was the reason for the increase in home appliance prices,” Khabar Fori added.

China and the United States will determine the domestic price for us. Now, this is a segment that has become the source of domestic high prices,” Alireza Salimi, a Member of the Parliament (Majlis) said.

“In addition, the price that is currently being sold in the country is more than one hundred dollars more than the above price, which is being sold more expensive to the people,” he added.

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“Why should we sell in such a way to our own people the steel we have in surplus and are exporting it? In the first six months of this year, about 22 percent of the ingots is listed on the stock exchange, where did the rest go? This has created a kind of overselling in this product,” ICANA, the Majlis’ official news agency quoted him as saying on October 27.

Salimi also shed light on IRGC’s corruption. “The second problem is the mafia that has formed here. It is a complex mafia. The third problem is a lack of transparency. 16 million tons of steel is exported. At least last year, in 2019, we earned about $ 5 billion through steel exports. The question is how this currency has entered the cycle inside the country. Is it returned and if not returned, how was the amount which was returned spent?” he added.

“Today, there are new Sultans in the country called steel Sultans, which we need to be careful about,” Ghani Nazari Khaneghah, another MP, told ICANA.

They are talking about the fate of $5 billion in revenue from steel exports in such an easy way, which is ambiguous, while this money is equivalent to the subsidies provided to the Iranian people for nearly four years and equivalent to a year’s salary of more than 6 million workers.

With $5 billion, one year of meat in Iran and a large part of basic goods can be produced. The unknown fate of $5 billion in the steel industry can be added to other massive corruptions in the petrochemical, oil industry and among the tens of billions of dollars of foreign exchange that has not been returned to the country for the export of goods.

It is not without reason that $27 billion in foreign exchange from the export of goods has returned to the country for one year because officials and the leaders are spending them on their own interests.

This safe political margin is first and foremost due to the concentration of power and resources in the hands of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his corrupt family, who created a safe margin for looting institutions, especially the IRGC, and are using them to plunder the people’s property.

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