“The foreign minister in a letter to the UN secretary-general stresses the need for lifting US unilateral sanctions against Iran to confront the coronavirus.” (State TV’s Channel One – 13 March)

The real reason for this request is reflected in the media of the so-called reformist faction. The state-run daily Setareh Sobh wrote: “[Foreign Minister] Zarif and [chief of the Central Bank of Iran] Hemati if they want to do something for the people, do not be afraid of the hardliners and negotiate with the Americans on drugs, food, and medical supplies. Negotiate with hardliners and ask them why they didn’t approve the FATF bills that prevented Iran from being blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) and as a result, the ability to exchange money between Iran and the world was hampered by this group.”

The state run-daily Arman pointed the deadlock of the regime in front of the international community and said, “It should be noted that the IMF is directly influenced by the United States, and Iran’s FATF blacklisting also makes it difficult to obtain such facilities.”

He added: “Iran’s blacklisting by the FATF could be another obstacle to external financing at least in the short term.”

Another state-run daily affiliated with the so-called reformists while emphasizing that the regime’s alibi of using the received loans to financing its external terror actions is being exposed, wrote: “The IMF does not trust such treatment of such a help and their fears is most because of mistrust, that mean, will this be spent on fighting the coronavirus or will it be used for other regional purposes?”

While fearing any unrest in the country, the daily added: “If Iran wouldn’t reject Washington’s proposal, maybe the virus creates the capacity for diplomacy and dialogue to resolve other aspects of the Tehran-Washington conflict. There is no doubt that if decision-makers do not choose one or even the two paths, they will be ashamed of their people due to the terrible spread of the coronavirus and the mismanagement of the distribution of needed health items.”

It added: “Corona makes no joke and does not know responsible, irresponsible, poor and rich, officials’ children and non-officials’ children, and it may even kill people with strong genes, and eventually “we will defeat Corona”, is just a deceitful slogan that creates false hope but results in despair.” (Jahan Sanat, 14 March 2020)

It is a very clear fact that the regime is stuck and has no chance to get rid of the economic deadlock, and once again it is facing the dilemma of death or a suicide in fear of death.

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