But sometimes someone from the regime says something that is clear enough, and there is no need for further analysis and for us to collect and show the facts.

One of these events happened on 18 May when an Iranian member of parliament made a speech the contents of which, if uttered by an ordinary man or woman, would result in jail and torture or even worse.

But the truth is that the situation in Iran and especially for the regime is so bad that its members can no longer hide this situation from the public.

Below are parts of his speech which are clear enough and need no more analysis.

According to the report of the regime’s Farhang radio, 18 May, Fereydoun Ahmadi, the regime’s representative from Zanjan and Tarom, said told parliament:

“Judges and lawyers are also crying. Justice is based on political expediency, not justice. It is performed by the fairness of the field courts, which neither argues nor has the opportunity to study the case, nor give the expert the chance, nor looks at the documentations.

“Esteemed head of the judiciary, it is proved to me that the judiciary is not only not a safe haven for the oppressed people, but also acts as a tool to cover up the country’s weaknesses, inefficiencies, and mismanagement. It is necessary to pray for the new head of this force to make a fundamental change. Woe to the nation if the decisions in other cases have been the same as the decisions made in my case.

“Gentlemen making (economic) sultans and then making them to disappear is just a vain circle, it doesn’t work in economics, it may work in politics, but economics is not so simple. The wrong decision of the President in the pre-sale of coins cannot be covered up by execution and the destruction of people’s houses and businesses. The adventures of 4,200 tomans (official currency) cannot be solved with imprisonment and heavy fines for economic activists.

“The detrimental effects of the US withdrawal from the JCPOA and subsequent sanctions, as well as the collapse of the country’s industry and automobile industry, cannot be eradicated by making a sultan and then executing him, and by frame-up cases and bizarre verdicts.

“The events of the 2018 in the bazaar cannot be compensated with frame-upped cases of 2017 if any parts of the economy collapse and then a case should be framed-up and sultan would be created, and trial that sultan by the severe punishment, what else do we want science, intelligence, and expertise for?

If we execute all economic activists, this ruin will not become right

He added: “The country’s economy is devastated. We have built a ruin. Its cure is not to kill hundreds of other sultans. If we execute and imprison all economic activists, this ruin will not become right. The solution must be sought elsewhere. Unfortunately, despite the release of tens of thousands of prisoners in 2019-2020 and their pardon and the release of tens of thousands of people due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, prisons are still full of men and women, while a large part of them has been created due to the unfavorable economic and social conditions resulting from our performance.

“A new lust has been created in the country, which is the most dangerous of all lusts, and that lust is frame-up cases. Our systems have reached such a level of capability that they are making such a case that it is beyond the imagination of the imaginary world.

“Politely I say while ISIS comes behind your seats why no one protests? Because our case makers are more skilled than that. In the election campaign, we told the people that the representative is safe, defends your rights, holds the ministers responsible, and is protected. But in the last four years, we have not seen any protection, and the rest should be kept, not every secret should be told.”

This disorderly system cannot be solved by execution and imprisonment

He added: “This economy is the product of the escape of specialists and the of brain-drains and capitals. This unhealthy system cannot be corrected by execution and imprisonment. If it would be the solution, I would be wrong to oppose the construction of prisons and cemeteries.

“Today, the Pride (Iran’s car production) has become the number one economy in the country. It is really a shame. The first discussion of the fifth richest country in the world is about the price of the Pride. The Pride is not in the dignity of the Iranian nation, the officials should die. They should lie down and die, and they should be ashamed. How nice he told, the price control of the Pride against the storm of inequality of supply and demand with the force of bayonet. By God, this is funny.”

What houses have been unjustly destroyed

He added: “Gentlemen, this chamber (the regime) is forty years old. Woe to God if the decisions have been like this since the beginning of the revolution. What houses have been unjustly destroyed? Today, the situation is more extreme than at the beginning of the revolution. New young people have grown up from the rotten bones of Khalkhali [1], and the Khalkhali laughs at them in his grave.”


[1]: Mohammed Sadeq Givi Khalkhali was a cleric of the Iranian regime who is said to have “brought to his job as Chief Justice of the revolutionary courts a relish for summary execution” that earned him a reputation as Iran’s “hanging judge”. His nickname was The Father of Iran’s execution.


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