Iranian cleric Alireza Panahian this week said: “The discussion also began with prayers or treatment, which now led to the discussion of coronavirus etc., inshallah, which I hope and while some of the symptoms are available, the whole coronavirus incident is a big misunderstanding.”

State-run daily Aftab-e-Yazd, September 29, 2021: “People have passed away like falling leaves in the autumn in recent months, and one of our clerics on television says there has been a misunderstanding.”

Alireza Panahian: “It’s important to see those who run the world’s public opinion, how clever they actually devised so that they able to set such a great mistake.”

Iran’s state TV, September 29, 2021: “According to the Ministry of Health, 13,271 new patients were identified overnight and unfortunately 272 patients died.”

Aftab-e-Yazd, September 29, 2021: “Neither, the whole coronavirus incident is a great misunderstanding, nor Mr. Panahian, the domination of people like you over the fate of a few generations of people in this land. I wish we knew in which Iran you live in where the official death of 120,000 people is a misunderstanding.

“How many girls and boys lost their parents and how many people lost their spouses, by this misunderstanding. Currently, the most important problem of the country is the coronavirus, and what crime is worse than what Panahian is committing? Forbid him from appearing publicly on TV.”

The expressions of one of the supporters of the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei were so disastrous that even state-run papers such as Aftab-e-Yazd were forced to react, which of course is due to their fear of the people’s reaction.

But that’s not all. Even ‘principlist’ journalists like Mohammad Reza Shahbazi reacted to these preposterous remarks. In a tweet, he wrote:

“What should I tell! I face death for ten days because of intense pain and weakness and changing tastes and anorexia and suffering from delusions. I lost about eight kilos; I do not know if I had a misunderstanding, by the way, as it is considered right!”

Another state-run daily Eghtesad News reacted to the speeches of this miscreant as it wrote: “Imagine how many families have lost their loved ones because of the coronavirus, and this cleric addressed Imam Zaman about the declining of religious delegations and said, ‘My lord, Imam Zaman, maybe you sent the coronavirus to see who will left?”

While being shocked this daily added: “From day one, we have been taught that Imams are symbols of kindness and never want the bad for the people. Now how can a cleric with a thousand claims tell people that this disease is the work of the Imam?

“Why do prominent clerics and scholars of the country does not take a stand on these words and make it clear to the people’s minds that the Imam is not seeking such tests, and that from innocent people.”

Finally, fearing the people’s reaction, this paper added: “Why IRIB broadcasts his words and disturbs people’s nerves, especially those who are bereaved by their loved ones.”

While using the coronavirus as a weapon, this shows how the regime’s cleric misuses religion in favor of the regime’s goals even not caring about the people’s lives and death. The people of Iran commonly describe the mullahs’ rule as a conquest of Iran, because since the beginning of the coronavirus they have not shown any mercy to the people and left them defenseless in front of the virus.